The following are common questions we get asked. As always if we can be of assistance in any way please do not hesitate to contact us.

What counties do you cover?
You can view our coverage area here.
Are you able to cover counties outside of your area?
There are times we have worked counties for clients beyond our coverage area and these vary on a case to case basis. Please contact us to see if we can extend beyond our area to be of service to you.
Will Master File consider volume pricing?
Yes! We have the flexibility in the number of offices and staff to provide economies of scale for our clients.
Are there different turnaround times for certain counties covered?
Our counties are tiered or grouped by how often in general we visit the particular counties as outlined on our Fee Schedule.
Do you use independent contractors?
Master File handles 85-90% of our orders with in house abstractors.

However, we have assembled an experienced network of bonded vendors who can assist us in some of the more remote sections of our coverage area.
Do you have different email addresses for orders originating from your different office locations?
All of our orders are centralized through our main office in St. Louis. Clients have access to their own portal to add orders/access reports or can email us at orders@masterfile.us.
How does Master File satisfy the Missouri statute title plant requirement?
In many counties, as per the state statute, some title evidence is not available “at a reasonable charge and within a reasonable period of time, then such policy of title insurance shall be based upon the best title evidence available.” Our searches either cover the required 45 years or are reviewed by a licensed attorney on staff who are “not subject to the provisions of the title plant requirement.”